CSEA Political Action Committee Purpose

A CSEA PAC endorsement informs you, the Member, that a candidate supports the issues that affects your life & your livelihood.  CSEA only endorses candidates who will fight for the needs of the CSEA Membership.  Political endorsements are not clearly defined, in today’s world.  In general, if we can find an incumbent candidate, that has a voting record of siding with the CSEA position on issues, 80% of the time, they will usually receive that endorsement.  If a prospective candidate’s voting record or belief does not reflect favorably to the Union, they will not receive that endorsement.  Ask Gov. Cuomo, if that is a fact…  for the 2nd election in a row, CSEA PAC West Region 6, did not endorse him.  He had plenty of money in his coffers.  He still couldn’t buy their endorsement.

Union Locals PAC Reps (Larry Pelz) are comprised of Members appointed by their Local President (John Baughman), with Executive Board approval (Flo Tripi).  CSEA has PACs at the Unit, Local, Region & Statewide levels.

We have an endorsement meeting in June of the election year, in Batavia, NY, which is a joint venture of PAC West (our area) & PAC East (Rochester area).  We are the only Region in NYS that has 2 PAC areas due to our geographical size.  Candidates are invited.  It is voluntary for their acceptance to attend.  We each have questions of concern on issues that they will attempt to answer, to the best of their ability.  After they have departed their interview, we discuss among ourselves, to decide if they will receive our endorsements.

They must earn this.  It will not be by default.  At times, neither opposing candidate, will receive the endorsement. The endorsement is more then financial.  Our endorsement has the expectation that the candidate will listen to our Membership’s voice & serve the interests of our Membership, as well as the taxpaying public.  Our endorsement is simply a recommendation…we are not telling you how to vote.  As NYS’s most democratic union, we urge you to make your own informed decisions.  But it all comes down to this…your vote counts.  Stand-up for your beliefs & VOTE.  This is what your 3% of your Union dues buys…LJ



What your union dues do for you!!

Union Dues-

CSEA’s Constitution  guarantees that ¼ of your dues money is returned to your CSEA Local to be spent on the members.  That money can be spent for negotiating expenses, membership meetings, member/officer training, office supplies, information days, social gatherings & other direct benefits to the  member.  A portion is also rebated back to individual Units for similar  expenditures.

Overall breakdown of Union Dues-

Staff salaries & expenditures- 31%

Mileage & business travel- 6%

Headquarters, Regional & Satellite Offices- 6%

Legal Assistance & Communications- 10%

Local rebate- 17%

Conventions, Education & Training- 2%

Affiliation dues- 25%

Political Action- 3%