NYS Constitutional Convention-2017 Fall Vote

img184img185img186I’m glad someone is addressing this issue, early on…Thanks, Teach.  We all must make sure this issue goes down to defeat, or Governor Cuomo will have a deck of cards full of Jokers…And the “Jokers are Wild”.  We all know how whimsical he is.  Each of Our Members must be sure to vote, even if this is the only vote you cast on the ballot…Do your part, please. Thanks.  Left Click Each Page, Left to Right.  LJ

Gov. Cuomo’s Proposed 2016/2017 State Budget Highlights

img177img178img179img180img181img182img183PAC Meeting 1-26-2016.  We had a Statewide Tele-Conference with all 6 Regions to discuss the governor’s proposed Budget.  CSEA has a few glaring issues we must address.  Health Insurance…If you do not retire by October 2016 and do not have 30 years vested, you will be paying a lot more for your Retiree Health Insurance Premiums.  That also includes Medicare Part B, when you are eligible.  Another dumb move by the governor, he wants to pit the Union Negotiations against the public’s conception, that we are over-paid and sucking the State dry, especially with our pension pay-outs.  He wants it published as soon as an offer is ready, without Us, the Members, even voting on it.  The public does not believe anything we tell them when it comes to wages, benefits and pensions, so this is just another ploy by the governor to shame us for doing our job.  “Respect”…he’s never heard of the word.  Another major issue, is in 2017, there’s a possibility that a Constitutional Convention may be voted on.  This will open the State Constitution to changes, by Delegates, instead of the NYS Legislature.  Have you ever heard of the Taylor Law and Triborough Amendment.  The governor couldn’t trash the Triborough Amendment by the Political Process, so this is his last resort. He’s even budgeting a million dollars to see if this is feasible.  “Our Tax Dollars…to screw us over”.  Our NYS Pension Plan is also covered by this Constitution.  We know what John Q. Public thinks of this.  We hear about it everyday.  Everything and Anything…will be up for grabs.  Especially, since the governor wants to decide who the Delegates, will be.  Throw-in the Friedrichs Case in the Supreme Court, that is in-process at this time(Union Dues/Opt-in or Opt-out :Right-to-Work).  Also, the Supreme Court has until June 30, 2016, to decide on the President’s Constitutional Right to Executive Action.  This was brought-on by the immigration case that is before them at this time.  If You guys don’t step-up to the plate…It’s going to be a long, long, life of Mediocrity and Despair…Do You deserve this or are you finally going to stand-up for your Employee Rights.  Almost a  Century of fighting and negotiating for the things we enjoy today, are just about ready to go down the toilet…It’s not like you’re asking for the World…Left Click Pages.  Read Left to Right.  LJ

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