Retirees With Less Then 30 Years Proposed Health Insurance Share Increase

img209img210Once again, our buddy, the governor, is pitting Union Members against each other.  He believes that someone who retires with less then 30 years, should not be eligible for the same Health Insurance Benefits.  Cuomo wants you to pay your fair share….He says it isn’t fair to those Members who have been employed with the State for the allotted time to hit the max.  Isn’t years of service rewarded by the percentage of retiree pay received?  The liberal view is that everyone should have health insurance…I thought it was called Obama’s Affordable Care Act?  I guess that only includes under-employed/unemployed residents of NYS…Stick the Working Person with paying for NYS governors’ failed economic policies…both present and in the past.   Cuomo’s looking for revenue to fund all his business recruitment incentives.  Many of us took employment with the State, because many of the factories and businesses in this area were shuttered.  As I have spoken at times with certain persons who are high-up on the food chain… if they think NYS is on the rebound, economically, come to my neighborhood…The Chinese drug factory will bring some respite…But this is only after those “Start-Up NY” incentives were negotiated.  The factory is Quasi-State-owned…No Property Tax Revenue.  No State Payroll Taxes…Etc. Etc. Etc.   Who pays for the infrastructure costs?  Roads/Police Protection/Fire Protection…Let the Retirees pay for that.  I just do not see the logic in so many policies…I don’t have the answers…It’s up to You, to shape NYS Reform Policies.  Please stand-up for “All Your Rights”.  The NYS Budget is due by April 1st.  Left Click Each Page.  LJ

AFSCME Delegates Election- Las Vegas 7-16-16 thru 7-22-16 Convention

img202img203img204img205Here’s the results for the delegates convention.  The top 37 were elected from Region 6.  They were all from Flo’s slate.  That is evident on the 1st 2 pages.  Pages 3 and 4 are the votes I received from each Local.  Thank You…to all who voted for Our Union Members from Local 607.  There’s a lot of work to be done…607 does appreciate the support of those who found the time to return the ballots.  Left Click Each Page.  LJ

This Week in Albany: 2-19-2016

img200Nickel and Dime a Balanced Budget on the Backs of the Workers…Deficit Reduction Leave Days worked real-well, in the past contract…Not!  Reward State Employees for Years of Service, by having them “Ante-Up” for their Healthcare Premiums, if they don’t have 30 years of Service, when they retire.  Not!  We, the State Workers, did not create the misguided NYS Economic Policies of the Past and Present…The present governor and ones of previous terms, can take the credit for that.  Tax and Spend…That’s what government is all about.  Thank You…For your continuing support, of the #1 State  for Taxes.  Your money is well-spent.  Not!  Left Click Page.  LJ