Your CSEA Health Insurance is on Governor Cuomo’s Hit List

img221So…Governor Cuomo believes State Workers have it too good…which reflects his misguided policies, as of late.  He wants to put the burden on Us, the Workers.  As usual, he doesn’t believe we’re worth the money we work for.  Between his health insurance beliefs and Obamacare, we’ll be in the grave before too long…since we won’t be able to pay for our healthcare.  I guess he would rather pay for sick days and lost time, than to fund a decent healthcare plan.  God…why would you not want to pay for preventative care???  His logic, just amazes me.  It really must be “Common Core Politics”.  As it is so true today, for many, they must work just to pay for healthcare, if it is even available.  Go to, and see how expensive plans are.  Instead of condemning us, for what we work for, how about going after his buddies in the health insurance industries???  Oh…that’s right…they contribute to his political campaign fundraising.  Cuomo for President in 2020.  He said he would finish this gubernatorial term before escalating his political ambitions.  Group rate discounts must not apply in NYS…  Why would you want to lower the cost of healthcare???  Because it’s one of the largest industries in NYS.  You cannot lure business to NYS due to the high tax rate, so why not pull-in revenue, utilizing healthcare and tourism.  Neither will save NYS.  God save us from the governor.  P.S.- He forgets that he also, is a State Worker.  Let’s see his health insurance plan.  Left Click Article.  LJ

A Union Member’s Family Perspective and Politics

img218Once a Union Family…Always a Union Family.  It doesn’t matter how successful in Life you have become.  It’s part of your Heritage.  In Today’s World, you need all the safeguards and protections that are available.  You cannot do it on your own.  Give the consequences a thought or two…You do matter.  Left Click Article.  LJ

CSEA Local 607 Scholarship 2016 Application

img213img214img215Anyone interested???  It’ll probably be the last scholarship that will be available…since the Members do not want to do their part and support Unions.  If you don’t show the least interest in your Union, by being active, you’ll be fending for yourself, in the very near future.  Left Click Each Page.  LJ