State Workers Do Not Matter?

img242I tend to believe we’re just “a red-headed stepchild” to the governor…as much as we would all love to be part of “the Family”, we always seem to be a thorn in Cuomo’s side.  See what you get for showing-up for work…Your health insurance is unsustainable…You don’t deserve a raise…Why would you want to keep-up with the cost of inflation??? God forbid he could hire the needed employees to maintain and operate all these buildings that are being constructed on SUNY campuses…Temples to his legacy…Even though student enrollment is down on many campuses.  It’s not the way I would run a business.  Left Click Article.  LJ

CSEA 2016 Contract Negotiation Update

img237img238The State is being a “Pain”..Feel the “Pain” when You don’t have a decent Health Insurance Plan to address your Family’s Needs…Feel the “Pain” when You have to pay a larger share for it, every 2 weeks.  I still want to see Cuomo’s Health Plan…Left Click Pages.  LJ

Cancer Screening Benefit

img231img232img233Put this benefit to use…NYS Public Worker’s Health Care is “unsustainable” according to Governor Cuomo.  You never know when the axe will fall.  Left Click Each Page.  LJ