CSEA Contract Negotiation Update- 5-27-2016

img259So…Basically, Gov. Cuomo does not care about your health…You’re just costing him money when you and your Family go to the doctors.  By not filling vacant positions, you work more overtime and become more stressed with Life.  Stress causes health issues in the majority of the population.  God forbid, you are injured on-the-job…The Gov. is more concerned that the previous negotiated  Articles 11 and 15, which in my personal opinion; offers the most Employee protection and is quite concise on the issues being addressed; is too good of a deal for the Employee.  If you’re not doing the actual work, you’re not a very good value to him.  As I said before, you’re costing him money…How’s it feel, to be just a number???  Left Click Article.  LJ

This Week in Albany- 05-27-2016

img258Veterans Equality Act…3 Strikes, Governor Cuomo is out (of his mind).  This Bill has been overwhelmingly passed, in both the Senate and the Assembly, 2 times previously.  The Gov. says the State cannot afford this financially.  The 2015/2016 State budget is $155 billion.  And Cuomo says he cannot foot the bill…Tells you what he thinks of the Veterans that protected his butt while he was making his way to Albany.  Also, there’s that nasty word…The Triborough Amendment.  Cuomo is not even waiting to see if there will be a Constitutional Convention, next year, so he can once and for all, exterminate your Union right for Contract Negotiating Protection.  Remember a Veteran who did not return from keeping you safe, in your prayers, this Memorial Day.  We all know one…Left Click Article.  LJ

Today’s Grievance Negotiating

img257Butting heads doesn’t resolve issues for either side…If only we could solve the myriad of issues locally, we wouldn’t have such a backlog.  Priorities seem to have lost their way, especially in Albany.  It’s that out-of-touch with reality thing…Just about everything has to go through Albany, when it comes to filling vacant CSEA Positions.  We’ll just continue the effort until someone tells us to knock it off.  Left Click Article.  LJ

“Never Quit” Member Engagement

img256No new contract…Give Backs…Responsibility for a larger share of your proposed healthcare cost…Proposed stricter disciplinary system…Friedrichs Case will be resubmitted in the Fall of 2016…On. And on. And on…Unions really do have an uphill battle in the present and the near-future.  Just remember…It’s your livelihood.  “Your Union” really could use “your support”.  “Talk it up”, please.  Left Click Article.  LJ